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What would you do if your Talktime or data for the month runs out and you cannot recharge?
You are nowhere near a friend.
And you are too shy to ask for help.
What would you do?

Well, we all have been there. Only a few made it out by using someone’s hotspot, and the rest of us looked for a shop to recharge.

Fortunately, today, many telecom companies offer emergency data plans on credit. You heard it right. Today you can recharge now and pay later, too.

What is recharge now and pay later? 

Recharge now pay later is an avatar of buy now pay later–short term financing that allows users to pay back later. The pay later option is refundable with a service charge based on the company’s terms and conditions. 

Telecom companies like JIO, Vodafone, Airtel and Idea provide this emergency service. Let’s discuss how you can avail the recharge now and pay later service. 

How to apply for Jio emergency data Voucher?

Jio’s Emergency Data Voucher allows users to borrow 2 GB of data whenever needed. Jio users can avail the emergency data plan as often as they like, but they have to clear the payment of the already used plan before they opt for another voucher. 

Here’s how you can use the emergency plan:

Step 1: Open MyJio App

Step 2: Go to the menu 

Step 3: Go to mobile services and select Emergency Data Voucher

Step 4: Click proceed 

Step 5: Select the data option 

Step 6: Activate the emergency voucher 

Jio doesn’t charge users to use this emergency service; payments can be made through the My Jio App.

How to get an Airtel Talktime, data and SMS Loan?

Airtel customers who have a low balance can call the airtel Talktime loan number to avail loan from Airtel. The telecom giant also offers internet data loans for 3G and 4G users. It provides 80 MB of data and automatically deducts the loan amount from the main balance. 

But there are certain criteria that users must follow. 

  1. Your Airtel main account balance must be less than ₹ 5
  2. Your Airtel number must be 90 days old
  3. There’s a service charge for the Talktime loan refund 
  4. The loan amount will be deducted automatically from your next recharge
  5. You can get the loan via SMS or the Airtel Thanks app 

Follow the below steps to get an SMS loan from Airtel: 

Step 1: Dial *141*10# 

Step 2: Select suitable loan options

Step 3: Enter 1 to validate your request 

Follow the below steps to get an Airtel Talktime loan using the Thanks App.

Step 1: Open the My Airtel App

Step 2: Login using OTP 

Step 3: Go to the services menu and select Advance Talktime

Step 4: Choose the Talktime options

Follow the steps to get an Airtel Data loan.

Step 1: Open the dialer app on your phone

Step 2: Dial *141*567#

Step 3: The message will appear on your screen 

Step 4: Confirm your data loan 

How to get a Vi (Vodafone Idea) emergency loan for data?

Vodafone or Idea users can get a talktime loan by dialing the Vi loan number. Prepaid users who are using Vi service for more than 90 days can avail this benefit. 

Follow this step to get a 1GB data loan:

Use the Vi data loan code – *199*3*# and send an SMS on your Vi sim.

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