Shop Now,
Pay Later!

Shop Now, Pay Later with Freo Pay.

Make lightning-fast payments by simply scanning any store QR code. Plus, get 30 days of 0% interest!

Provide a few details, get up to Rs. 6,000, and start paying within seconds. Repay to replenish your Freo Pay amount and use it for all your daily shopping! 

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Chilled out Registration Process

Just fill out a few details to get approved for postpaid

Make Instant Payments

Use your pre-loaded digicash anytime, anywhere.

Repay, Replenish, Reuse.

Pay on or before the 5th of every month and recharge your Freo Pay amount

What can you do with Freo Pay?

Bills giving you the blues? It’s about time you CHILL!

Super Fast Payments Processing

One Bill for all your Expenses

Track Small Expenses and Petty Spends Easily

Can be used for Offline Purchases

Access 100% Digital Cash with One Click

Revolving Limit – Repay and Replenish

Bills giving you the blues?
It’s about time you CHILL!

“Bhaiya tab mein lagana.”

That’s a phrase we’ve practiced right from childhood well into our adult lives. You probably had a running tab at your school or college canteen shop, local bakery, dhobiwala, or even at your local chai-sutta shop! Being able to collect your debts and paying them off all in one shot is such a convenience, isn’t it? Now imagine this; what if you had the option of spending money that you can pay back later?

Freo Pay has got your back!


What is Freo Pay?

It’s your go-to shop now, pay later app. You can get accepted for an amount of up to ₹6,000, which you can use at any store.

How is Freo Pay different?

The Freo Pay scanner is fail-proof for all your small, everyday needs. You’ll experience one of the fastest ways to make merchant transactions. In addition to that, buy whatever you want immediately and smoothly. You don’t have to worry about change. Pay for it later in one shot, with just one bill. That’s the speed, continuity, and convenience Freo Pay offers you.

Who can use Freo Pay?

Anybody between the ages of 22-58 can use Freo Pay. Download the app from your app store, sign up, complete the steps to activate your account, and get up to ₹6,000 from Freo Pay.

Where can I use Freo Pay?

You can use it at any place that lets you pay by scanning a UPI QR code! You can transact using Freo Pay by scanning the QR code at any outlet and enjoy your purchase, on us! You can repay all your expenses within 30 days at 0% interest. The best part is that you just need to pay one bill!

How much money will I get approved for?

Well, that depends on a couple of things. We consider a lot of factors before approving you for Freo Pay, such as your income, credit history, repayment behaviour, and a few other factors. Currently, Freo Pay issues up to ₹6,000 following a detailed review.

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