What is e-RUPI Digital Payment? What are the advantages of e-RUPI?

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What is e-RUPI?

Launched on the 2nd of Aug, 2021, e-Rupi is a further step taken by the Indian government in the digital transformation of the country’s payment systems. This is a digital payments solution brought to the masses by the combined efforts of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Department of Financial Services (DFS), National Health Authority (NHA), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), and partner banks.

Simply put, e-Rupi acts as a prepaid electronic voucher that can be used by the public without depending on any digital payment app, card, or internet banking at the merchants who accept it. The beneficiaries of the e-Rupi will receive this from the Government via SMS or QR Code for a particular type of transaction. This appeals to a wider section of the population, as only a few own a credit/debit card or the facility of internet banking.

What are the benefits of e-RUPI to the companies/corporates?

e-Rupi helps in improving the efficiency and cutting down costs of the corporates, since it is an end-to-end, secure digital transaction, which does not need to be issued physically or in person. Given its nature of being an electronic voucher, e-Rupi can be easily tracked by whoever issues it. It goes beyond the quantitative benefits, as it is also a way by which corporations can enable the well-being of their personnel. Moreover, it is a fast, secure, and contactless voucher distribution system.

What are the benefits to the hospitals?

Unlike many traditional payment methods, the process for redemption of e-Rupi is very quick – it can be redeemed in just a few steps. Owing to the pre-blocked amount, there are lesser chances of the transaction getting declined. It is also quite simple and safe to use, as the e-voucher is authorized only by the means of a verification code. e-Rupi also provides a seamless and contactless method of collecting the payments, as it does not involve handling cash or cards.

What are the uses/advantages of using e-RUPI?

As we continue to live through the pandemic, a lot of emphases is given to convenience and handling finances virtually. With e-Rupi, the customers are not required to carry the physical printout of the electronic voucher. Since the Indian population comprises many unbanked customers, e-Rupi eases payments for them. Now they do not need an account with a bank or an installed digital payment mobile application. The 2-step redemption process makes sure that the customers’ benefits are at the core of this payment system and the transactions are carried out swiftly, in a hassle-free way.

Banks that are currently live with e-RUPI facilities

Sr. No. Bank Name Issuer Acquirer Acquiring App / Entity
1 Axis Bank BharatPe
2 Bank of Baroda BHIM Baroda Merchant Pay
3 Bank of India NA
4 Bank of Maharashtra NA
5 Canara Bank Canara eRUPI Acquirer
6 Central Bank of India NA
7 Federal Bank NA
8 HDFC Bank HDFC Business App & Ezetap
9 ICICI Bank BharatPe and Pine Labs
10 Indusind Bank NA
11 Indian Bank NA
12 Indian Overseas Bank NA
13 Kotak Bank NA
14 Punjab National Bank PNB Merchant Pay
15 State Bank of India YONO SBI Merchant
17 Union Bank of India NA
Total 17 8 9

Hospitals that are live on e-RUPI

To know about the hospitals that are availing the e-RUPI features, please check the following button

Why eRUPI is important in India?

At the onset, e-Rupi is a sign of India’s progressive and fast-moving digital finance technology. e-Rupi is a purpose-specific electronic voucher – which means that it can be used only for the purpose it is issued for.

This not only is useful for the government but for the organizations too, so that they can help people with their health issues, education or any other issues by e-Rupi and not cash. This makes sure that the funds given were used only for e-Voucher distribution.

Moreover, as e-Rupi does not require a bank account, credit/debit card, or an online payment app, it makes technology and its benefits more accessible.The benefits of e-Rupi are not just confined to the rich, but also available for the economically weak.


1. What are the features of e-RUPI?

With e-Rupi, people can buy and redeem vouchers, send gifts and also book their vaccination slots. Certain government schemes will be made available to people, for eg. Ayushmaan Bharat Yojana.

2. Is eRUPI a cryptocurrency by the Indian Government?

No, e-Rupi is not a cryptocurrency. It is an e-voucher which is distributed for specific plans that acts like a prepaid gift card. It is sent in the form of a QR code or SMS to the beneficiary’s mobile phone, where it can be scanned by a merchant or a welfare service provider to complete the transaction.

3. What is eRUPI customer care number?

If you have any queries regarding e-Rupi, you can use the contact form at https://www.npci.org.in/get-in-touch for their services or BHIM’s toll-free number at 18001201740.

4. Who can use the eRUPI voucher?

In the e-Rupi system, the mobile number of the beneficiary will be used to identify them. The e-Rupi vouchers issued by the system can only be utilized by the person who has been allotted the aforesaid voucher. The general public can use it at merchants or welfare service providers (for eg. Hospitals) that accept it.

5. What is e-RUPI voucher?

The e-Rupi voucher is a sort of prepaid gift card that can be used as a means of contactless payment, by substituting cash. This voucher is received for a particular amount under a specific scheme or purpose through an SMS or QR code on the mobile phone. It can be then scanned by the merchant or service provider to complete the payment.


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