Best Buy Now Pay Later For Merchants In India

buy now pay later for merchants

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Bro 1: Dude, can you lend me ₹5,000? I need to buy a pair of limited edition sneakers. I’ll return the money next month. Promise!

Bro 2: Umm, let me see. 

A few moments later…

Bro 2: Hey, I’ve got the money. But I’ll need it next month.

Bro 1: Sure thing. 

Now, this friendship might be one in a million. But fintechs have taken this conversation seriously and have addressed the solution by introducing Buy Now Pay Later. 

This method allows customers to pay the borrowed amount all at once or in monthly instalments.

And, the best part is you don’t have to ask anyone for money again. The loan amount is ready to use with just a few taps in the app. 

Also known as BNPL, this service is transparent, accessible and available to people new to credit. 

How does BNPL work? 

BNPL floats around the concept of purchasing by not paying from your pocket. 

It means the lender is financing your expenses. 

Customers can download a BNPL app like Freo Pay, sign in, and provide a few details, and they are set to buy now and pay later. 

But after a certain period (15 or 30 days), customers have to repay the amount. The BNPL scheme charges no interest to its customers, but a penalty is levied if someone fails to pay in the stipulated time. 

Customers can pay their dues in one shot or convert them into no-cost EMIs. Remember, delaying payments will affect your credit score. 

The concept of Buy Now Pay Later isn’t only popular with consumers; merchants also get plenty of benefits. 

The benefits of Buy Now Pay Later for merchants

Buy now pay later improves sales for merchants
– Often, people don’t want to miss out on a sale or rare product release, and sometimes they are short on cash. So, breaking down the price to EMIs or allowing them to pay later will encourage people to buy more. Most importantly, customers will be comfortable and confident to pay for a pricey product. 

Customers will make that purchase – In most cases, people abandon their carts because the final price is too high, or they decide to buy later. Buy now, pay later provides better options for customers who find a product expensive. Customers can pay according to their convenience and split prices into affordable EMIs. 

The customer will return to the platform – If the customer’s purchase experience is smooth and hassle free, they will return to make another purchase. BNPL inspires confidence and offers flexibility to customers for a better shopping experience. 

During the pandemic, people were short on cash, and BNPL helped them make purchases without hurting their wallets. Merchants saw a rise in online shopping, which was certainly a boon for both parties. 

The benefits of Buy Now Pay Later for customers

  • Improves your credit score 
  • It offers a convenient and disciplined way to shop 
  • Less interest compared to credit cards 
  • Instant approval for people who are new to credit 
  • Consumers can get what they need immediately 

Best buy now pay later apps for customers

1. Freo Pay


Freo Pay is an easy-to-use Buy Now Pay Later app which provides an instant amount of up to ₹10,000. This is one of the fastest digital payment apps with zero interest for 30 days. By scanning QR codes, you can use this amount to pay for online and offline merchants accepting payments over QR.

You don’t need to run after your friends or family to loan you some quick cash. Freo Pay helps people avoid awkward conversations about borrowing money. So, stop there if you are looking for a friend who will lend you money without formalities and paperwork!

With Freo Pay, you can shop today and pay back next month. Simplify your shopping experience.

What you get with Freo Pay: 

  • Get 0% interest for 30 days
  • Point, scan, and shop at any store in India
  • Repay and reuse
  • Quick money disbursal
  • Digital KYC
  • Get up to ₹10,000 in 5 minutes
  • The great alternative for people without a credit card

2. Spotii

Spotii is a shop now, pay later app that allows customers to make purchases in 4 EMIs with no interest and hidden fees. People can clear their dues in two weeks or every month.

3. Freecharge

Freecharge is one of the first financial service apps that allowed customers to recharge and pay their bills easily.

4. Simpl

Simpl offers users a hassle-free shopping experience by allowing them to buy now and pay later.


ZeroPay gives customers instant credit with no interest and late fees. Shop at thousands of merchants and stores and repay in small instalments.

6. PostPe

PostPe provides interest-free credit for up to 30 days and allows people to convert their dues into low-interest EMIs. Customers can also scan merchant QR codes to pay at shops for anything and anywhere in India.

7. Jupiter Edge

Jupiter Edge gives customers a credit limit of up to ₹20,000 and allows them to pay later over a certain period.


SALT empowers customers to take control of their financial dreams by providing an interest-free credit card. Users can clear their dues within 18 days. 

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